SCOTUS Says EPA Must Conduct Cost-Benefits Analysis; Agency Sends Final Power Plant Rule for White House Review

One Voice applauds the Court’s decision to hold the EPA accountable for its actions. In developing new regulations, the EPA continues to underestimate the effect their rules will have on small businesses and the economy and often will not release the “science” behind a regulation or the “scientists” consulted. One Voice continues to work with members of Congress to ensure that regulations are developed with sound and publically available data while also considering the effects their proposals will have on small businesses and the economy.

During the July 4th holiday week, the EPA officially sent to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) their sweeping proposal to reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants by 30 percent on average. One of the most controversial and costly regulations in U.S. history, the EPA’s own estimates say the rule will increase the price of electricity by 6-12% annually. This amounts to thousands of dollars in annual increases even before factoring in annual natural market price increases.

One Voice is working with allies in the industry and on Capitol Hill to slow down or block the new rule from taking effect next year. The Administration’s goal is to reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants by an average of 30% across the U.S. Legislation is making its way through the House and Senate and challenges continue in the courts over whether the EPA even has the authority to mandate the reductions under the Clean Air Act. After pushback and significant opposition, the EPA delayed finalizing the rule from June to August.