Small company flexibility, large company treatment

A funny thing happens when a company joins NTMA: it gets bigger. Or it looks that way, at least, in the eyes of our affinity partners.

This means that you can take advantage of NTMA’s power to leverage group strength to your advantage in shopping for many supplies and services,. The following vendors offer generous discounts to NTMA members to lower expenses and become more profitable:

Business Resources

Strengthen your business with payroll solutions, business & legal services, competitive electricity and gas rates, CEO Member


Discount on office supplies from Staples Advantage, Jergens, Grainger, SelfLube, OfficeMax, and more.


Save on shipping and freight with discounts from FedEx, Con-way Freight, UPS Freight, and YRC Freight.


Substantial savings on computer hardware and software from PCMail, Shoptech, and Apptix Communication Solutions.