There is wisdom in a crowd.

By combining your observations with those of others, you can arrive at an entirely new understanding of market conditions and trends. That’s the promise of NTMA’s market research services. By surveying the marketplace—and your peers—we can offer a valuable, big-picture perspective.

We offer two reports designed to help you understand where your best opportunities may be, and what you may expect to face in your business.

North American Market Intelligence for Contract Tooling & Machining Companies provides information regarding the specific capital spending plans of customers. These reports include an industry overview and report on specific company performance, acquisitions, and facilities planned or under construction. Individual reports cover the Automotive, Aerospace, Construction/Off Road Equipment, Medical Equipment, and Appliance sectors.

Our Business Conditions Report contains survey results gathered from contract manufacturing companies—your peers—broken down by industry segment and geographic region, with comments and insight into current and expected business conditions.